BANPU presents Solar Amphitheatre with “Energy of Arts” concept at Cicada Market

The Energy Technology Business Group of Banpu PCL (BANPU), a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific, has partnered forces with Cicada Market, a hip tourism attraction in Hua Hin District of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, for second year in a row by combining its solar technology solutions with arts under “Energy of Arts” concept. The partnership highlighted a solar Amphitheatre equipped with an off-grid solar power system, including solar panels and batteries, to supply electricity for stage lighting of musicals and educates the audiences about solar energy. There was also BANPU Solar Rest Area, a permanent rest area that uses recycled materials for its décor and featured a solar-powered mobile charging station for the young generation and general public to use and gain first-hand experiences of solar power.

Mr. James Rama Phataminviphas, Chief Executive Officer, Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, said, “An uptrend of solar energy in recent years has witnessed continuous application of solar technologies for convenience in everyday lives of people. In the US, China and Malaysia, for example, solar technologies are used in highway applications such as solar-powered traffic signs and street lighting, roads paved with solar panels for power generation, and solar rest areas, etc. In Thailand, BANPU is active as a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific. The company thrives on our ‘Greener & Smarter’ strategy and has a strong commitment to sustainability of all stakeholders, in line with our ESG principles that take account of environment, society and governance. We support all sectors, including public and private agencies as well as general public, to assist their contribution to environmental conservation and achieve sustainability together by means of renewable energy. Based on this approach, we always look for opportunities to educate people about solar power and we consistently develop our solar technologies for real-life benefits of Thai people.”

One of BANPU’s prioritized activities is to address modern-day lifestyles of people by making its presence at happenings and events to educate and bring the advantages of solar power closer to their everyday lives. An example is last year’s partnership with Cicada Market, an innovative tourism attraction built with an idea to be a hub of arts, crafts and creative products. Through this partnership, BANPU provided its solar power solutions to light up Hua Hin Lantern Festival 2018 and set up a solar-powered smartphone charging station at the festival. Banpu’s effort was extended to Cicada Market because this market is a key ecotourism landmark of Hua Hin, especially in areas of arts, culture and environment. It is also a space for young people to relax and share their experiences while learning and raising their awareness about environmental conservation through contemporary arts that perfectly bring technology, energy and environmental conservational together.

“To emphasize the ‘Greener & Smarter’ strategy, BANPU is bringing our partnership with Cicada Market to its second year,” Mr. James Rama continued. “As a highlight this year, BANPU has brought our solar technology solutions to support art creation with ‘Energy of Arts’ concept by providing a solar power system complete with storage batteries to supply off-grid power for stage lighting of musicals that also educate the audiences about clean energy from solar power systems. These musicals will be played from mid of November 2019 till mid of May 2020. Besides, BANPU Solar Rest Area has been built as a new landmark within Cicada Market. Created from wastes and recycled materials, this permanent rest area features a mobile charging station to give first-hand experience and learning to visitors and general public about the use of clean energy and thoughtful use of resources.”

Solar Power Enables Arts Creation with “Energy of Art” Concept

  • Solar Amphitheatre features musicals that integrate the knowledge about solar power with an aim to educate the public about this clean energy while entertaining them. To campaign for responsible use of energy and resources, sets of souvenirs made from eco-friendly materials are also given away during the show times, such as hand-held electric fan presented in a recycled fabric tote bag.
  • BANPU Solar Rest Area is a structure designed, decorated and equipped with a solar rooftop system by BANPU to provide a permanent public space with an area of 43 square meters in front of Cicada Market. Attentively decorated with recycled materials such as plastic bottles, plastic motor oil containers and aluminium cans, this is where people can sit back, take photos and recharge their mobile phones 24 hours a day with 14 charging ports provided.

“BANPU’s contribution through our provision of solar power will give tourists and general public an access and first-hand experience of this clean energy at Cicada Market. We expect that these solar-empowered arts will raise awareness and encourage more and more public and private organizations as well as general public to switch to a clean source of energy available through solar power systems,” Mr. James Rama concluded.

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