Banpu NEXT unveils its 2022 Asia-Pacific growing clean energy portfolio, with abroad expansion of solar roof, battery assembly plant in Thailand and partnership to boost business ecosystem

Banpu NEXT, a leading smart energy solutions provider in Asia-Pacific, reveals the company’s achievements in 2022 especially in five business groups including the expansion of solar portfolios in Thailand and other countries, including renewable power plant, solar floating and rooftop, the construction of battery assembly plant in Thailand as well as investment and partnership with leading companies to enhance and strengthen the clean energy ecosystem. The company also acquires a smart city development project as its client and succeeds in the energy management for various industries while also expanding its energy trading business in Japan and Australia. The company also announces its roadmap to expand various business portfolios and increase its investment across Asia-Pacific in response to the low-carbon economy.

Mr. Sinon Vongkusolkit, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu NEXT, said “In 2022, we continued to strengthen the ecosystem for all business groups under the Banpu Group’s “Greener & Smarter” strategy. At the same time, we also diversify the company’s total Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainability to be more flexible and ready to respond to the Net-Zero megatrend and to various requirements of organizations with carbon emissions reduction goals. Banpu NEXT prioritizes two pillars of business operational approach. The first one is the expansion of business portfolios especially in other countries. Currently, Banpu NEXT has operated in various countries including Thailand, China, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia. The second one is the investment and collaboration with leading companies and business partners to enhance the potential of the company’s clean energy businesses.”

The expansion of abroad business portfolios

In the past year, Banpu NEXT was determined to drive 5 business groups towards growth and movements across Asia-Pacific. In terms of the company’s Renewable Power business, Shirakawa Solar Power Plant in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan has commenced its Commercial Operation Date (COD). Meanwhile, the company also expands its solar rooftop and floating portfolios in Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia with over 1,010 MW committed capacity. As for Energy Storage business, Banpu NEXT has set up a battery assembly plant in Thailand and increased battery production capacity at the China factory in order to achieve around 4GWh by 2025. Besides, the company also expands its Energy Trading business in Japan and Australia. For e-Mobility business, Mobility as A Service (MaaS) and EV Fleet Management are being implemented to support smart transport and logistics with a roadmap to expand all MaaS services. At present, the company has increased ride sharing coverage to 2,500 service points, car sharing service to 1,500 sharing stations, charging stations to 300 stations and grow EV customer services to 20 service centers. In terms of Smart City and Energy Management business, the company has secured new clients in various industries with a total number of 20 projects at present.

The investment and collaboration with leading companies and business partners to strengthen clean energy businesses

Banpu NEXT has acquired stake in Thai tech startup AltoTech Global Co., Ltd., the developer of AI and IoT energy management platform to strengthen its energy management business; and Solar Esco, a leading renewable energy business in Vietnam, for the expansion of integrated solar rooftops installation service in the country. Furthermore, the company also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with leading partners to enhance its clean energy solution businesses. Among them are Cherdchai Motor Sales and Durapower who join hands to set up a battery assembly plant in Thailand to penetrate the e-Bus and EV market across Asia-Pacific. Banpu NEXT also collaborated with PlanetComm to expand Smart Safety Platform services in response to rising demands of smart city development. Besides, the company also continues its collaboration with SP Group to incorporate District Cooling Systems service into its total energy management system which responds well to the needs of customers in various industries both in Thailand and abroad.

“We consider ourselves as a long-term partner in clean energy who provides support for all organizations to tap into the infinite of clean energy. We help them enhance the energy efficiency, reduce costs, and create sustainable cost-effectiveness for businesses. This year, we will continue to expand business growth and customer base for 5 business groups across Asia-Pacific. As for Thailand, apart from the expansion of energy management system as planned, we will also provide customized solar power system installation and EV Fleet Management service for leading businesses with digital platforms through which customers can monitor logistics and transportation in real time. Additionally, we will expand more the Renewable Power and Energy Management Systems businesses in Indonesia as well as explore the possibility of investment in leading potential businesses for Asia-Pacific growth and expand New S-Curve businesses in response to the low-carbon economy. With all that said, we are committed to becoming the Net-Zero Energy Provider trusted by leading organizations across the region,” Mr. Sinon concluded.

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