“Banpu NEXT” Together with “HAUPCAR” Continue “EV Car Sharing for Caring” Project, Supporting Free EV Cars and E-scooters to Medical Professionals at Budsarakam Field Hospital

Up until now, there might not be a larger crisis that has severely affected people’s lives, the economy, and the country than the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, “Banpu NEXT” has joined hands with “HAUPCAR” to continue the “EV Car Sharing for Caring” project, bringing ‘Smart Micromobility’ to the doctors, nurses, and medical professionals at Budsarakam Field Hospital through a fleet of 21 EV cars and e-scooters. These electric vehicles are shared for free throughout the staff’s service operations at the field hospital to enrich convenience and travel safety without noise and air pollution, as well as facilitating the transportation of necessary equipment between the hospital buildings. The project aims to serve as another force that helps Thailand overcome the crisis together.

Miss Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Senior Vice President – E-Mobility, Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., revealed, “The resurgence of the coronavirus crisis had spread and expanded rapidly. Banpu NEXT, a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, is a leading “Smart Energy Solutions” provider in Asia-Pacific. Together with HAUPCAR, an advanced app-based car sharing service provider, we continued the ‘EV Car Sharing for Caring’ project for the second year, by bringing the ‘EV Car Sharing’ platform, one of the ‘Smart Energy Utilization Solution’ under our ‘Smart Energy Solutions’, to support the smart micromobility for medical personnel at Budsarakam Field Hospital. We had foreseen the issue about the hospital’s large space, consisting of a wide utility area for the patients in many buildings, causing medical personnel to travel long distances between buildings every day. By bringing a fleet of 21 EV cars and e-scooters to be shared for free among the staff, we offer a smart micromobility that meets the needs of indoor usage. Noteworthily, these electric vehicles provide versatility, compact, ease of use, convenience, enhanced safety, and energy conservation. They do not create noise and air pollution, in line with Banpu NEXT’s guidelines for the environment, sustainability, and governance (ESG) for the sustainable betterment of life.”

Mr. Krit Vichaiwatanapanich, CEO and Co-founder of HAUPCAR Co., Ltd., added, “As the system operator of the car sharing service shared in this project, HAUPCAR has, in addition to bringing EV cars and e-scooters to the medical staff, attached great importance to cleanliness and safety. We have thoroughly cleaned and sterilized all EV cars and e-scooters before the delivery, as well as sending a team of experts to guide how to use and care for the car to ensure the confidence of all hospital personnel. In using this service, we have activated the system through a temporary user card. The driver can unlock, drive, and return the car to the attendant at the parking spot, after which the car and the user card will be cleaned following the safety standards. The entire fleet of 21 electric vehicles in this project had been delivered successfully to the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. They can now use these electric vehicles in rotation throughout the day, which is expected to provide up to 80 mobility trips per day.”

Banpu NEXT and HAUPCAR would like to extend our encouragement and heartfelt support to the medical personnel, as well as those working at an entity that have sacrificed and dedicated themselves to caring for the patients. We wish that they can perform their duties with ease, speed, and safety, while hoping for the best for Thailand to seize the crisis at soonest.

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