Banpu NEXT installs solar power system for 15 schools in Kanchanaburi to support learning of those in faraway off-grid areas

The field trip also delivered edutaining storybook ‘Wonders of Solar Energy and Inexhaustible Source for Independent Electricity Generation’.

Kanchanaburi – Banpu NEXT, a Banpu subsidiary and a leading smart clean energy solution provider in Asia-Pacific, kicked off the fourth annual ‘Light & Learn’ project as part of its continuing commitment to use solar energy for better learning opportunity of children in remote areas. This year’s project brought volunteering employees, engineers and experts from Banpu NEXT on a field trip to install solar power system, including inverter and storage battery, at 15 schools in Kanchanaburi. It also brought to them television sets, satellite receiver kits and storybook titled Wonders of Solar Energy and Inexhaustible Source for Independent Electricity Generation to help broaden children’s world of learning and educate them about solar power and smart, sustainable use of clean energy.

Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu PCL. and Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., revealed, “Banpu NEXT operates with sustainability in mind, adhering to our ESG business principle that takes account of the environment, society and governance. We consistently use our energy expertise to contribute to the society. An obvious example is our ‘Light & Learn’ project that installs our solar power system, which is a ‘Smart Energy Solutions’ from Banpu NEXT, for schools in remote areas to help ensure learning convenience and continuity of schoolchildren and educate them about smart and sustainable use of energy. Following a survey of faraway schools with no access to grid power in Kanchanaburi, including those by the Thai-Myanmar border, this year our team of engineers and experts will install the solar power system complete with storage battery at 15 schools that have 600 schoolchildren and teachers altogether. Of them, eleven are in Sangkhla Buri, three in Si Sawat and one in Thong Pha Phum. Moreover, we will deliver learning media to them, including television sets, satellite receiver kits and Wonders of Solar Energy and Inexhaustible Source for Independent Electricity Generation storybook that we produced to give children basic knowledge about the clean source of energy that will play an important role in the Thai society in the future.”

Mrs. Monporn Satawasmonthol, teacher at Sane Phong Child Care Center, said, “We are delighted that Banpu NEXT is here to install the solar panel and battery system for our school. It will enable all-day availability of electric power for the kids to study and do school activities. The learning media provided will also open up their world of learning outside classroom and enable us to create enjoyable recreation activities to help promote their development and talents, such as to teach them how to sing and dance, and to show them many other videos. The teachers can also use these facilities to improve our teaching. For example, we can use computer to produce learning media for the kids more creatively.”

“We appreciate strong support of Kanchanaburi Provincial Energy Office and related agencies for facilitating our field visits this year. Over the past four years, we have already lit up 68 schools with a belief that learning is the power of change and development. Banpu NEXT will keep this project continuing because there are still schools in need of electricity and learning media. Moreover, we will play an active role to empower every region in Thailand with access to clean energy and technology and promote adoption of clean energy and energy technology for sustainable development of all sectors,” Mrs. Somruedee concluded.

About Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, is a leading smart clean energy solution provider in Asia-Pacific. The company leverages innovation and expertise in energy technology at international standards, bringing them together with Internet of Things (IoT) technology that manages functioning of devices to increase our services in efficiently for sustainable betterment of life. By synergizing all these with BANPU’s long-standing experiences in energy business, Banpu NEXT grows its development capabilities to provide solutions in response to customers’ needs and future energy trends.