“Banpu” Joins Hands with “Food For Fighters” to Fulfill Mitr Phol-Banpu Endowment Mission Providing “MuvMi” Electric Tuk Tuks to Deliver Food and Essential Supplies

to alleviate the suffering communities posed by the COVID-19 crisis

‘Banpu Public Company Limited’ supported its subsidiary, ‘Banpu NEXT’ to fulfill its second mission under “MuvMi ASA KHONSONG”, the e-Tuk Tuk Transport Service Project under the “Mitr Phol-Banpu Solidarity to Aid Thailand on COVID-19 Confrontation Endowment” in collaboration with ‘MuvMi’ and ‘Food For Fighters.’ The MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk is bringing food and survival kits to the COVID-19 patients under Home Isolation system living in Bangkok communities, aiming to help alleviate the suffering posed by the COVID-19 crisis.

Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Senior Vice President – e-Mobility, Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., revealed “After piloting a service to safely transport the COVID-19 recovered patients home for free of charge, we obtained a budget of 12 million baht from the ‘Mitr Phol-Banpu Endowment’ to fully pursue “MuvMi ASA KHONSONG”, the e-Tuk Tuk Transport Service Project. The project’s next mission is to focus on providing relief to people affected by COVID-19, particularly those living in Bangkok and its vicinity, where over 5,000 crowded communities are located, a home to those who may lack access to the assistance. Banpu NEXT is providing MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk Ride Sharing system, one of Banpu NEXT’s Smart Energy Solutions to support Food For Fighters volunteer network by delivering 60,000 meals, 4,000 survival kits and 5,000 Home Isolation Kits to those affected by COVID-19. This Project has received great cooperation from the Food For Fighters, the experienced volunteer network, while also having support from other network partners from Volunteer groups, such as the Duang Prateep Foundation, ASA Song Group, Doctor A-Z Facebook, Kon Jai Mhor Facebook, and potential alliances to realize the goals together. We are therefore confident that these meals and essential supplies will reach the communities in need, serving as one of the most impactful means to alleviate the suffering that arises from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Dr. Krisada Kritayakirana, Ph.D., Chief Executive, Urban Mobility Tech Co., Ltd., the administrator of all services for the MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk, said “this partnership with the Food For Fighters network is the continuous collaboration under “MuvMi ASA KHONSONG”, the e-Tuk Tuk Transport Service Project. In this, we are providing MuvMi e-Tuktuk to deliver food from its partner restaurants, aiming to also assist local business owners also affected by the economic downturn and distribute to the needed populations. Food For Fighters network would help us manage the donation and coordinate with the communities. Each MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk is tailor-designed to accommodate transportation services, with side screens to prevent objects from falling from vehicles and ensure the most efficient delivery, while maintaining strict preventive measures such as disinfecting the vehicle after every single trip. We hope that all the collaborations and efforts from every party will be another key to more or less relieve the suffering and pass on small happiness to those affected amidst this critical time.

Ms. Panchana Wattanasathien, Founder of the Food For Fighters Network, said “The Food For Fighters network was established from an effort to fund meals from the network of affected restaurants and distribute to medical workers. Since then, the project has continuously pursued its mission while also expanding collaboration with its network partners and alliance organizations to co-organize a broader range of activities. The “MuvMi ASA KHONSONG,” the e-Tuk Tuk Transport Service Project is another important initiative that the Food For Fighters network has involved. Prior to this, Banpu has provided MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk to help deliver food to the communities surrounding Samyan-Chulalongkorn University every day, including transporting survival bags, delivering vegetables and fruits from the market to supply the restaurants, hospitals, community isolation, and the Support Farmers Support Fighters Project to cook in their central kitchen “Meals for Medical Personnel.” The team has discussed ways to extend assistance to a larger number of people severely suffering from the most recent wave of COVID-19. Every party agrees that daily meal delivery is critical support needed by the affected populations, as well as the essential supplies, especially during the lockdown. Many business sectors have been suspended, severely affecting Thailand’s economy and society. Additionally, green patients eventually become yellow and red patients; all these problems require immediate assistance.”

“The Food For Fighters Network would like to thank Banpu executives and staff, as well as MuvMi for recognizing the suffering faced by Thai people and demonstrating commitment to help the fellow being overcome this crisis. The leveraged support for our project would encourage small front-line workers to continue their volunteer work because we all believe in ‘The Power of Small People,’ that will mobilize the society to gradually return to its normalcy.”

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