Banpu Infinergy installs solar system for Mechai Pattana school, Powering up a brighter future for students in the Northeastern region

Through the mutual vision and goodwill to promote the learning of youth through innovative energy and creativity, Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, a one-stop service provider of total solar energy solutions through advanced and green technologies, and a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited as a leading integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific, together with Mechai Pattana school, Plaimas District, Buriram province, recently launched a ‘Solar system for Mechai Pattana school’ project for which Banpu Infinergy installed the solar system of 150 kilowatt and shared knowledge on solar power in order to promote energy efficiency throughout the school. This is in line with both the school’s mission to teach the students to cultivate from the nature and the nation’s education 4.0 framework.

Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu and Director of Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, said, Banpu and its subsidiaries, believe that learning is the power of change and development for Thai society and a sustainable manner. As a leader in the energy industry, we have not only sought for energy efficiency to meet people’s needs while preserving the environment, but also for new energy possibilities for the country’s usage. In addition, we have long supported youth education to promote critical thinking and creativity of Thai youth”.

“Banpu has also brought along its corporate culture ‘Banpu Heart’ to inspire the students to be passionate, innovative, and committed in whatever they do, because we believe that this value will help them grow up to become an adult who possesses qualities that benefit our society, and to be successful in whatever they choose to pursue in the future.”

Mr. Mechai Viravaidya, Founder and President of Mechai Pattana School said, “Mechai Pattana School focuses on nurturing the students to become a new generation of society, through innovative teaching and providing the students with both professional skills and life skills, where the curriculum is subjected to student-centric method. Moreover, they are also taught to be personally and socially responsible at a young age, through activities such as paying tuition by doing well for the society and the environment. The student can also try to develop a business using what they have learned such as selling solar-powered battery. We are glad that Banpu sees the importance of youth development and installed the solar systems for us as it will help to bring about creative and indefinite learning of the students.”

Ms. Sawita Tisra, a grade 6 student of Mechai Pattana School said, “My friends and I are excited about how the solar power systems will benefit our learning. For example, it can be used to do a new vegetable garden by connecting the solar power to the battery and to the water pump to water the garden. In doing this, we get to invent ways to cultivate from the nature while saving on energy bills. We are also planning to develop a solar powered pump control robot in the future.”

In order for the teachers and students of Mechai Pattana School to utilize solar energy efficiently, Banpu Infinergy has led an engineering team to share the global energy trends and the importance of applying solar technology as an alternative energy, as well as demonstrate how the solar system works, using their experience and expertise in designing, and installing systems that meet international standards.

“Banpu believes that the project will serve as one of Banpu’s goals to support the education and learning of Thai youth and inspire all of us to pursue our dreams,” concluded Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol.