Banpu Infinergy installs solar system for Don Bosco Technological College to promote learning, placing it as a model school in clean energy usage

Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham (2nd from leftt), Managing Director of Banpu Infinergy Company Limited delivered the a ‘Solar system’ to promote learning for Don Bosco Technological College, represented by Reverend Father Manachai Tharachai, Rector of the college. Banpu Infinergy installed the solar system of 100,000 watt for the school, placing it as a model school in terms of clean energy usage.

Bangkok 13 November, 2018 – Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, a one-stop service provider of total solar energy solutions with advanced technologies, and a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific, aims to drive Thailand and Asia-Pacific region towards sustainable energy through the renewable energy solutions that are affordable, reliable and eco-friendly . To reinforce this aim, Banpu Infinergy provides its expertise in solar energy innovations to expand educational opportunities by installing 100,000 watt solar system for Don Bosco Technological College, as a part to promote education among the youth in local communities where Banpu Infinergy operates

its business. By doing this, it places Don Bosco as the model school in terms of clean energy applications in classroom and occupational training for the students.

It is estimated that the solar energy generated from the system can reduce approximately 480,000 baht of the school’s annual electricity cost. Furthermore, this installation allows the technical students in all fields to observe the solar energy system and learn it directly from Banpu professional engineers. This aligns with the aim of Don Bosco Technological College, which is to instill interest in the energy source among the students and to promote their understanding about alternative energy for future for the benefit of their future career.

Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Managing Director of Banpu Infinergy Company Limited said: “Our belief is that ‘Learning is the Power of Change and Development’ and we place importance on the promotion of renewable energy technology. The solar system installation project for Don Bosco Technological College is our another step to support the learning among the technical students in different fields. Banpu Infinergy also developed the mobile application – Infinergy Application – allowing the students to learn more about the solar energy, see the real-time electricity generated by solar energy, to track the cost-saving capacity after the installation and the reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide (Co2) released into the atmosphere. By doing this, the students will realize the importance of earth preservation and sustainable development through clean energy usage. We believe that by cultivating the youth with the knowledge and expertise in alternative energy for their future career path, it will be the power to sustainably develop Thai society in the long run.”

Reverend Father Manachai Tharachai, Rector of Don Bosco Technological College said: “Our school has always fostered and inculcated interest in the science of solar energy among our students. With the renewable energy support from Banpu Infinergy, we will save 20-30% off our electricity bill in the future. However, this point is secondary.

Our priority is the learning opportunity for our students. Our students will be familiar with the solar energy installation and usage, which will be a fruitful ground for their future career. Don Bosco would like to express our sincere thanks to Banpu Infinergy for this support. It brings clean and efficient energy source to our school, which helps promote the school’s teaching and empower our students with career-ready knowledge and skills.”

Piti Ludloy or Peter, the 3rd year student from Printing department, Don Bosco Technological College said: “After observing the engineers from Banpu Infinergy install the solar system in our college, it makes me understand the electricity generation from solar energy and solar system installation thoroughly. As a student from Printing department, I cannot continue my work and study without the electricity. Electricity is necessary for all working processes ranging from preparing the design to printing, cutting and folding. All steps are reliant on the machine powered by electricity. I have found that solar system is the clean energy and suitable for Thailand’s weather which is overwhelmed with sunlight. I naturally learn by doing. The installation of solar energy system by Banpu Infinergy makes me better understand the benefit and importance of solar energy, including how it works.”

“Banpu Infinergy believes that by encouraging the students to become interested in the use of alternative energy in their learning, coupled with providing them the opportunity to observe the generation of solar energy directly from the installed solar system, they will better understand the efficiency and benefits of alternative energy, and thereby can apply it with the modern learning and teaching method. In doing this, it is also another way to spark ideas about energy innovation in the younger generation”, Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham concluded.

Infinergy Application for the students, allowing them to see the real-time electricity production generated by solar energy.

Infinergy Application for the students, allowing them to track the real-time reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide (Co2) released into the atmosphere.