Banpu Infinergy installs solar system for 13 electricity-deprived schools in Tak, providing learning opportunity for the youth through clean energy

Banpu Infinergy staff explained about  solar energy generation system for learning to students at Ban Mae Toh Kee school, one of the 13 school members under Light & Learn project

By realizing that Learning is the Power of Change and Development’, Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, a one-stop service provider of total solar energy solutions with advanced technologies and a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific, had initiated the CSR project named “LIGHT & LEARN”, which now marks its 2nd year. The project aims to create learning opportunities for the youth from 13 hill tribe community learning center in Mae Fah Luang, Tak province that are in remote areas and are electricity-deprived. Under its commitment to promote continuous learning as a strong foundation towards a sustainable social, economic and environmental development, Banpu Infinergy installed solar energy system with the battery to generate electricity that can supply the affiliated schools through day and night. Moreover, Banpu Infinergy also provided and installed satellite dish along with television for the school, as a channel that opens the door to learning for students, allowing them to access more various kinds of learning data through the use of solar energy. Currently, there are total 37 schools supported by Banpu Infinergy.

Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Managing Director of Banpu Infinergy Company Limited said: “Banpu Infinergy considers the importance of energy in improving teaching, learning and life quality of people, especially in thr remote area. By installing the solar energy system with the battery, it means moving the LIGHT & LEARN project forward, which enables students to access the learning channels and provides the surrounding community with lighting. This aligns with the company’s commitment to empower Thai people and allow their communities to obtain easy access to renewable energy through the clean and eco-friendly energy innovation. In the future, we will still carry on this solar energy project and continously expand it to other remote areas in order to promote learning opportunities and good quality of life for all. ”

Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Managing Director of Banpu Infinergy  Company Limited, offered the LIGHT & LEARN project to 13 Hill tribe community learning center.

Mr.Pojanart Nukoonkham,Deputy Director of Office of the Non-Formal and lnformal Education (NFE) and the acting director of NFE-Tha Song Yang, who takes charge of the schools under hill tribe community learning center said: “Previously, the schools under our project don’t have adequate supply of energy for the learning activities and some schools are inaccessible to electricity. By installing the solar energy system with the important instructional media like television, it helps broaden student’s horizon and promote distancing learning, allowing the teachers to manage their teaching through educational television station called ETV by central NFE. Since 2017, Banpu Infinergy team had explored the area and installed the solar energy system along with the battery for 37 schools. The company also plans to expand the project further to reach all of our affiliated schools that lack electricity. This is a great opportunity to enlighten students’ learning through the use of eco-friendly solar energy. ”

Ms. Linda Kongsuksompong, the teacher at Ban Mae Toh Kee school said: “I would like to express my thanks to Banpu Infinergy for the solar system and battery installation. This helps provide students with the new kind of knowledge by equipping them with the education and discovery channel on television, as their additional learning media. With this kind of support from Banpu Infinergy, it also helps widen students’ horizon and to catalyze children to become the pillar that can move the nation forward in the future.”