Banpu Infinergy brightens up the future of Thai youth with clean energy through ‘Light and Learn’ CSR projects

After its official launch in 2017, Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, a one-stop provider of total solar energy solutions through advanced and green technologies, carried on its parent company – Banpu Public Company Limited’s belief, ‘Learning is the Power of Change and Development’, as a strong foundation towards Thailand’s sustainable economic and social development, through the CSR project named “LIGHT & LEARN”. The project aims to bring its expertise in solar power generation and installation to help create learning opportunities by facilitating the access to information resources for the Thai hill tribe communities, as learning is a true asset that will help to develop the potential of the community in the long run.

“LIGHT & LEARN” project focuses on creating learning opportunities for Thai youth in remote communities that lack electricity such as the Hill tribe community learning center in Mae Fah Luang, Tak province. Banpu Infinergy’s staff set out to examine the area in order to design and install the power system that is suitable for the space and utilization, along with battery for energy storage, in order to provide the schools within the project’s network with a 24-hour access to electricity. They also installed a satellite dish and television system as learning aids to help facilitate remote learning, one of the ways to help elevate the quality of life and sustainable development for the youth.

Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Director of Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, said, “In 2017, we have installed the solar panels for 24 schools within the Hill tribe community learning center in Mae Fah Luang. Not only did we provide them with the equipment, but we also gave them advice and guidance on how to use the equipment and how to maintain it in order to extend the life of the solar panel system. This is in line with our ‘Go Green Together’ commitment where we aim to encourage everyone to realize how easily they can be a part of producing and using clean energy in a sustainable way in order for all of us to develop towards a strong and self-sufficient society and economy in terms of energy. In 2018, we aim to continue with the project to provide our support for schools within the hill tribe community learning center that still lack electricity while also expanding our support to those in other provinces.”

Ms. Ladawan Kanchanaduendao, teacher at Paboraekoh school, said, “LIGHT & LEARN is a project that not only gives students the opportunity to access educational materials, but also brightens up the life of the villagers in the community who had to live their life in darkness. Now, available technologies have become more accessible to them and they can keep themselves up to date with what is going on out there. We are thankful for Banpu Infinergy for recognizing the importance of both education and community development in remote areas. Solar power system can be of great benefits to our students and residents in our community.”

Miss Nujarin Suparbveerachon, a grade 5 Karen hill tribe student from Paboraekoh school, said, “Since Banpu Infinergy installed the system for us, I have been able to enjoy learning Thai language and feel more confident to communicate in Thai. I have learned a lot of Thai vocabularies from watching documentaries and educational channels, and applied it in daily life with friends and teachers. I have also been able to learn Thai language during my free time by watching television and participating in activities organized by my teacher such as radio broadcasting in Thai language at school, in addition to the lessons and exercises that allow me and my friends to practice the language more often.”

Apart from igniting learning capabilities through the installation of solar power systems, Banpu employees have also joined forces to raise funds through a charity event under the project namely “Run for Kids”, reinforcing Banpu Spirit of care and synergy, to raise money to buy shoes for the underprivileged children, and donate the necessary supplies under “LIGHT & LEARN” project to help them to walk towards a brighter future.