“BANPU” Creates Green Experiences for “Big Mountain Music Festival” for Two Consecutive Years

“BANPU” Creates Green Experiences for “Big Mountain Music Festival” for Two Consecutive Years

Banpu Public Company Limited (BANPU), a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific, has continued its mission to expose the new generation to green experiences via Thailand’s massive music festival. The Big Mountain Music Festival X was held between 7 and 8 December 2019, during which BANPU installed solar energy microgrid system1 for revelers. The system came complete with the solar power generating cabinet, solar cells, and energy storage that had built-in lithium-ion batteries for nighttime electricity consumption. BANPU had been a provider of clean energy to K9 PUB concert stage and rest area for VIP at the festival. It, moreover, set up free-access solar mobile charging kiosks in the event’s four zones. To provide extra convenience to festival goers, BANPU arranged solar power bank rental services for interested people too. Thanks to BANPU’s contributions, revelers could enjoy musical performances and receive first-hand experiences in solar-energy usage all at the same time. BANPU’s clean-energy service zones had drawn huge crowds during the festivity.

Mr. James Rama Phataminviphas, Chief Executive Officer, Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, said, “Several countries in the world have been developing clean energy and educating consumers, particularly the new generation, about it. Communications have been made to ensure the public understand about how to use clean energy in daily life and know clean-energy benefits. The new generation is main target audience as the group is expected to push for clean-energy usage in the future. As a leading energy-solution provider, BANPU has worked with all sectors under the “Greener & Smarter” strategy and the sustainability principle that places an emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. BANPU, for example, has been constantly looking for opportunities to render clean energy experiences to consumers by integrating our solar solutions to lifestyle events that match their interests. For the new generation, we have targeted concerts, festivals and tourist attractions”.

Mr. James added that, “This year, BANPU brought the microgrid system featuring highly-efficient solar-energy innovations to Thailand’s biggest musical event, “Pepsi presents Big Mountain Music Festival X”. Held at The Ocean Khao Yai in Nakhon Ratchasima province between 7 and 8 December 2019, the festival attracted more than 60,000 people. Our presence there has marked the fact that we have supported the event with clean energy for two consecutive years already. BANPU and the event’s organizer have shared the wish to encourage the new generation to embrace clean energy more. In response to this intent, BANPU presented solar solutions during the music festival by serving clean-energy experiences for festival goers in various service zones. Our solar solutions were based on our microgrid system, equipped with a portable solar power generating cabinet and energy storage2. Such system; therefore, can be used to produce clean energy anywhere, including remote areas or the areas where are not covered by solar rooftop. During the two-day festival, BANPU’s solar solution has proven its huge potential. It could supply power for the event throughout the two days, thus reducing carbon-dioxide emissions by more than 250 kilograms. We have created green-energy experiences for consumers and efficiently engaged consumers in sustainability concept”.

Clean energy from innovative solar-energy microgrid system was made available for various zones and activities as follows:

Clean energy for K9 PUB concert stage and Rest area for VIP featuring more than 300 seats and over 100 battery-charging points, which were fully powered by solar cells;
Solar Mobile Charging Kiosks that operated round the clock in four zones namely K9 PUB, SAM YAN MARKET, HIPHOPxDACNING STAGE, and LANDMARK for festival goers’ convenience; and
Power Bank rental services that were available in SAM YAN MARKET and VIP zone of Ferris Wheel Stage, with all proceeds from the services going to the“Light & Learn” project to install solar-power production systems for 15 rural schools in need in Mae Hong Son province.
“Throughout 2019, BANPU has leveraged its solar solutions in delivering green experiences to new-generation consumers at many events namely the Sukhothai Loy Krathong and Candle Festival in Sukhothai province, the Cicada Market, and the Big Mountain Music Festival X. We are confident that our approach is making people, including the new generation, understand and access clean energy. As the public is encouraged to recognize the importance of solar energy, it will become a growing driving force for solar-energy usage,” Mr. James concluded.

Entrepreneurs or business owners interested in installing solar power generation systems or other energy technologies can find more information on www.banpuinfinergy.co.th or contact BANPU’s customer service team via Tel. 02-095-6599 or contact@banpuinfinergy.co.th.

Remark1: Microgrid system is an electrical system that can supply power without having to connect to the electricity network system. It consists of various types of electric power generation systems, including Energy Storage System (ESS) and Energy Management System (EMS).
Remark 2: The portable solar power generating cabinet has 47,600-watt capacity. When solar panels in the cabinet are stretched out, the generation of solar power can start. The portable energy storage is equipped with lithium-ion batteries that give 500,000 watts per hour for nighttime power consumption.